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ACEO Art Album 2


An ACEO is an art card of 2.5" x 3.5", the size of a standard baseball card.  It can be done on any type of surface (paper, canvas, wood, etc.), with any kind of medium (paint, ink, colored pencils, collaged items) with the only hard & fast rule being its size.  They have been around since 2004, but it is only recently that these little gems have been noticed by the wider art collecting world.  Displayed in a pocketed album or matted and framed for your wall or desk, ACEO's are an art collector's dream.
I have found Ebay to be a wonderful source for buying and selling ACEOs, with over 13,000 being auctioned at any given time.  Most sell for very reasonable prices (under $20), but I have seen established artists' work go for well over $80, and some international artists' pieces for close to $200. You can find my current auctions by entering the keyword LaRusc in to the Ebay search engine.
To see some of my ACEOs, click the link below.

ACEO Album


NEW ACEO Abstract Series "The Fire Below #1"

NEW ACEO Abstract Series "The Fire Below #2"

NEW ACEO Abstract Series "The Fire Below #3"

NEW ACEO - "Doodle Boo Boo Face Bunny"

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