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Children's Art Classes

Wire Sculptures in the style of Alexander Calder


Hexagonal Mandalas, done on primed, unstretched canvas with acrylic paint.


Fun Learning Glass Painting


The class of 7 and 8 year olds finished these "interpretations" of Edvard Munch's famous painting, "The Scream".


Acrylic Abstracts - we explored color, balance & texture in these fun abstracts using a variety of items from bubble wrap to twine.  Here is a small sample of completed projects.

by Janeen

by Kristin

by Emily

The LaRusc Studio
Gingerbread Luau Party

Samples of our Impasto knife oils




Tile Mosaics, sized 9" x 9".


Foil Embossed 3D Wall Sculptures
These were a lot of fun, requiring much planning & thinking skills.  After carefully drawing the project to scale, each section is evaluated for depth & to make sure that each part will be distinctive after the foil is embossed over it.  Each sculpture must have a backing shape, and all the other shapes get cut from cardboard and glued in the proper place.  The foil is then crumpled, re-flattened, and applied in one piece to the cardboard structure with glue, and the students must then carefully work the foil around the shapes to make them "appear".  Once dry, the students then apply alchohol inks to make the project look like it is made from metal, paying close attention to the darkening of areas to "throw" the correct shapes outward for the added sense of depth.

This is Aly's caterpillar, both before & after foiling:

Emily's Harley Davidson Eagle Sculpture (quite ambitious!)  

Carly's completed foil sculpture.

Madison's foil cat & Janeen's toucan:

Gwen's Weiner Dog

We have completed our collage paintings, where paper is the "paint".  Here are a few of the completed projects.
The first is Janeen's dolphin/ocean scene; the second is Gwen's puppy, and the third is Aly's flamingo.


The student's finished "Masters" series oil paintings: they chose a "style" from one of the masters, and then imitated that style in their own paintings.  The first 2 are based on Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract close-ups of flowers.


The pink flowers are Carly's, she is finished; the burgundy ones are Emily's.
The next photo is of Aly with her Van Gogh landscape.

These are photos of Impressionist paintings by, in order, Madison and Janeen. The last photo is of Gwen's finished landscape.

Van Gogh had nothing on these students!  Here are two of their representations of "Starry Night" in clay on foamboard.

Carly & Cassie, respectively, almost done


Acrylic animal paintings on canvas!

Our Balloon Acrylic Canvas paintings were MESSY but FUN!! We clipped them into 2 foot x 5 ft. sections and embellished them. Most of the kids will be turning them into wall hangings, but we have one student who turned hers into a gym bag

and another girl's will become a giant pillow!

This canvas belongs to Carly, Madison, and Aly:
And this second canvas is the property of Emily, Gwen & Janeen (the other class has just started up & isn't far enough along to do one of these yet):
As you can see, they both turned out very different! 

It's A Bouquet of Sunflowers!  The kids did a wonderful job on their first wet-in-wet negative watercolor paintings.  I wish you could see how vibrant and glowing they are in person (lots of Quinachrodome Gold!!) In order they belong to: Janeen, Carly, Gwen, Emily, Aly, & Madison.





We finished our papier mache critters, and here they are!

This is Margaret and Henry.

These were designed by Carly & Emily

This is Anastasia with her ladybug.

And here is Silkie.

This is Gwen's critter.

Ellie the Elephant, Simon the Cat, and a very happy Butterfly

Janeen's Butterfly, Aly's Elephant, Madison's Cat


A special slideshow of students' ACEO designs:

These are some of the kids with their Still Life oil paintings, our very first Art Class project.

Carly and Janeen

Emily and Gwen
They are holding their Fruit Bowl Oil Still Life canvases.

Madison & Aly proudly show off their Oil Paintings
All of the children drew their own fruit bowls from a still life setup.

Here are a few of the Watercolor Circle Abstracts we have completed.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Emily's Circle Abstract

Gwen's Circle Abstract

Madison's Circle Abstract

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